About Us

As a packaging supplier for bakery products, we deeply know what customer’s request. Use the best material, design the most attractive artwork and do the best manual work, try to finish an artwork not just a product.

As a well established cooperation business, we have built up a great reputation of giving our customers the personal touch in supplying them with all their cake and bakery needs.

We specialize in all different shapes and sized boards from smaller gateaux boards to the larger heavy duty.

Our office/factory located in QuZhou China, offers disposable Cake Boards, cake pans,cake box, silicone cake mold, cupcake paper cups, paper straw etc. More for your choose.

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Name : Zhong Hongyan

Address : No.207 Zhuhai Road, Longzhou Street, Longyou, QuZhou City, China

Contact : +86 15988141466

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